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 How To Join T.G?

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MesajSubiect: How To Join T.G?   Vin Iul 11, 2008 1:11 am

Va prezint pe scurt cateva reguli .Daca Credeti ca va sta in putinta sa le onorati va asteptam in [T.G]!

-Clan Total Gamer T.G RuleS-

Clan T.G RuleS-

A. Requirements for membership -
1.Must be a gold-member and has a playing time of 24/7 )
2.Loyal to the Clan.
3.Has a unique Skill on Playing dota.
4.Must be a disciplined player at all time and ready to follow orders at any cost.
5.Active players..(Addicted on playing DOTA).

B. Those that are not allowed!!
1. Noobs , Quitters , Trashtalker, Snobbish , Inactive Players, and last is the OFFLINE Mode

C. Clan Hang Outs :
1. Always Romania DOtA ROOm 1 ( if Solo)
2. Europe Dota Clan War Room. (either Solo or team)
3. Romania High Lvl Room, RPG ( Team )

D. Abused of NUDGE power is not allowed.
- It can only be use for important purposeses.. Not even high rank officials can overuse the NUDGE..
- This rule is the most important.
- Specialy to those officials who abused the NUDGE power..
- NUGDE is Only use when an official of the Clan wants toinvite the members of the clan for a game..
-Thats all.. NUDGDE cannotbe abused by the Officials..

Automatic KICK if you violate one of the Rules..


1.In Order to be promoted in the Clan you must have a high contribution points depending
on the position desired.. and has a unique skill or a good player of DOTA..
That is agreed by the current officials of the Clan..

2.Also officials of the Clan or members should become a GOLD MEMBER in GG client.
( Recommended to all members ) and It is the primary basis of the Promotion of the Members..

3. If already a goldmember and not yet promoted just contribute more than the contribution of that officials..


Games of the Clan should be Hosted by the Clan LOrd..
( not All depending on the negotiations of the members )
But if The Clan lord is not present.. Official shall take over..
And should invite all the members of the Clan for a GAME..
For US to know each Members.. And to have a close relation
With each other..

Clan friendster : ( if you wish to add this friendster account make sure to read its Shout Out.)

If u have any question just ask the Clanlord..OR send a message to the Clan friendser..

<> Adjusts his/her itembuild correctly to each game
<> Teamplay - Cooperative
<> Skillbuild, know how to use hero/spells
<> Mannered person, no flames
<> Good lane control, last hit/denies
<> Participation in gangs , roaming
<> Adjusts his/her itembuild correctly to each game
<> Teamplay - Cooperative
<> Skillbuild, know how to use hero/spells
<> Mannered person, no flames

Cam Atat Pentru apply trimite un mail pe continand un replay noi vom analiza.Va rugam sa fiti sinceri si daca nu atingeti golurile de mai sus sa nu ne contactati.Va multumim! Razz
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How To Join T.G?
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